Is professional photography dying out?

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Re: This thread makes me feel so good!

That I have been content to remain a amateur photographer. My situation has some similarity to Machine Gun Kelly's. I live in a rural area. I have had many people tell me my photos are so great I should be making money from them. My best friend took it upon himself to have business cards printed for me billing me as a wedding and portrait photographer. The owner of the local coffee shop I hang out in asked for copies of my photos to display in a slideshow over the sales counter. The people running a local sci-fi convention 'elected' (volunteered?) me to be the 'official' convention photographer. I estimate I have between $20k and $30k 'invested in equipment.

This is all very nice, but I do not think I want to pursue a career as a 'professional' photographer. I love receiving complements on my photos. I have shot a few weddings and sold a few prints. I think my total 'profits' from all this might pay for dinner at a five star restaurant for my wife and myself.

I have taken an honest look at the situation. I have not a single entrepreneurial bone in my body. I have an introverted personality. I see photography as an art. I like to shoot with large prints as the final goal. I like prime lenses and natural light. I prefer a minimum of post processing. I like a 'classical' style of portraiture. In contrast most people I talk with are content to view photos on their computers. They like an edgy look. They are most impressed with heavily processed photos - like HDR. Many either have an inexpensive DSLR of their own, or plan to purchase one soon. Many people have expressed in interest in purchasing prints, but have pleaded poverty. I know some of these people have printed copies of the small jpegs off my website - on plain printer paper no less - for their own uses.

So, given all this, why should I bang my head against the wall trying to pick up a few dollars on the side shooting weddings and portraits and such? I am enjoying my photography more then ever since recommitting to maintaining my status as a dedicated amateur-enthusiast! I can shoot how I want and just have fun!

To be quite honest, I would have been happy with less equipment and photography as a hobby.

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