Reading resolution charts comparing MFT lenses to FX lenses

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Re: Reading resolution charts comparing MFT lenses to FX lenses

Prairie Pal wrote:

I'm at photozone review website browsing through lenses for both FX and MFT.  I see that the highest resolving FX lenses can be near the 4000 lw/ph range.  The better MFT lenses rarely even get to 2300.  Is the difference between the 2 types of lenses relative?

Not sure what you mean by relative but I certainly wouldn't call the difference real.

Surely even the best MFT glass isn't inferior to FX.

No it certainly isn't.

I admit I can't technically explain what lw/ph is measureing, but to a certain extent I look at those graphs as a means of measuring one lens against another ie, when comparing the Sigma 35 1.4 to Nikon 35, or the various MFT primes between each other.

The results of Photozone are meant for comparisons within a system, or more specifically, a certain sensor. If you want to compare across systems/sensors, there are, for reasons explained in my reply to Great Bustard above, better sources available, and these, not unexpectedly, yield a very different outcome when comparing FF and MFT lenses than do those of Photozone. Note that comparisons across systems/sensors always involve not only the lens but also the sensor. But as long as we keep that in mind, there is no problem.

To take but one example, here is how the best MFT normal lens (in terms of MTF values only, and according to LensRentals) mounted on an E-M5 compares to the best FF normal lens (by the same token) mounted on a Leica M9. The figures are lp/ih (line pairs per image height) for center/average.

Panasonic 20/1.7 on an E-M5 (16 MP)

1.7 870/735

2.8 1050/875

4.0 1075/880

Leica Summilux 50/1.4 on an M9 (18 MP, no AA filter)

1.4 600/530

2.0 950/740

2.8 1025/860

4.0 1110/980


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