Has the X20 met or failed your expectations?

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Re: Don't be embarassed....Sunshine

Sunshine_boy wrote:

danny_only wrote:

Ha ha, Sunshine,

Waiting to knock down another post F30 Fuji cameras again? I bought a MX-2 cellphone last month, dirt cheap, US$385, camera okay, but the LCD display is stunning, it is going to replace my F200, not to mention my F200 replaced F30. Cell phone camera tech is advancing.

I have not tried the X-20 yet, but so far the pictures on the net are very good to me, I may get a silver body X-20 when it drops to US#384 to replace my MX-2. So nostalgic.

Hi Danny, good to hear from you.. 

You've got a suspicious mind!... I have no intention or inclination to run down any Fuji products. No skin off my nose. I am fairly happy with my P7100 and I don't give a damn if Fuji manage to regain their good name or not. I have been very frustrated with their antics since the F31 but not any more.

Having said that, if the X20 proves to perform as one would expect (going by its paper specs), then I would be inclined towards buying it after a few months at a better price than its launch price. And I really hope that it marks a turning point for Fuji compacts. So far, I have not seen much in posted samples to indicate it can clearly do more than its competitors but it may be too early to draw firm conclusions. Hence this thread.

Users here are much more reliable to give an honest opinion based on their own experience than sites all over the web that may well serve their own interests instead of their readers'. I hope this thread eventually presents a good, honest account of the cam's pros and cons against initial expectations for the benefit of all.

many of us all come here to praise and/or to bash cameras for fun or to seek the ultimate meaning of Existential nihilism. Read some books of  Albert Camus, you will see what I mean.

I have to confess that I don't come here for the answer of Existential nihilism, so it is perfectly okay for you to bash any cameras here 

I actually enjoyed those posts you posted, as a non-English speaker, I learned a lot of English words from you, honest I did. Such as those 2 below.

X100 - Gullible people putting cart before horse?...


Fuji Quandary


I also learned these words and English phrases from other posters here as well, very educational forum.

Vendetta, decorum, tongue in cheek ....

Back to cameras, the F45 is actually a perfect F3x successor, for Fujifilm crippled it for marketing purposes, shame. It produced all round better pictures. The F100 is already the camera of no return to F3x camera, not to mention the F200exr, a really nice camera with stunning Dynamic Range which I need when shooting city nightscapes (please note, I also own Pentax DSLR and M4/3 cameras), many camera shop sales here using F200exr themselves. You can ignore my opinion, but Hugo, Nico and NickPix all praised the F200exr, they are excellent photographers, their opinions count. It got a highly recommended rating from dpreview. Check Kim's latest review on HS50 and F900exr - part 4, the 4 years old camera is showing its age, but still not bad.

The X-10 is indeed disappointing before the change of sensor, but I really didn't like the way the customers being treated that way and I think Fujifilm had paid the price. I hope the X-20 is a good camera and you will buy one.

Have a nice day, I am returning to my hibernation again.

I wish you well and your country a speedy recovery from current economy status. We also need improvement in economy in this part of my world, Middle Class is diminishing.

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Best Regards,
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