TG-2 sample shot at ISO 100 and my initial impression

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Re: TG-2 sample shot at ISO 100 and my initial impression

BorisK1 wrote:

scurran4 wrote:


Yeah, but you still lose shutter speed.  And the ND filter doesn't affect DOF.  That's my main beef with the TG-1 - it enables the ND filter when it could've used a faster shutter speed instead, and the only way for me to force the faster shutter speed is to raise the ISO.

Even auto choose F8 is OK if what you said is correct.  Actually after reading TG-2 manual I don't find any mention of ND filter

It's okay from the point of view of diffraction, but not when you want to capture fast action in broad daylight, and suddenly find yourself at 1/250.

This sounds pretty misserable to be honest, I will be taking it cyclying and surfing a lot, and will need a fast shutter in bright light often. Do any of these tough cameras have Tv mode? I assume becasue there are so few aperture "sizes" it wouldnt really be usefull? What does the sports mode do?

This is the TG-1 problem that the TG-2 fixes, by adding an Aperture-priority mode. There's no shutter priority mode (that's what Tv means in Canon, right?).  With TG-1, setting ISO to "High" tells the camera to try and keep the shutter speed around 1/250 or so (light permitting).

In TG-1, IIRC, the "sports" mode sets ISO to "high".  It also turns on continuous shooting (could even be the high-speed 10FPS burst shooting at reduced resolution, or maybe that one is a scene mode, I forget). It does not, at least in TG-1, change the ND filter behavior.

The Panasonic TS-5 has a full-manual mode (no aperture or shutter priority modes though).

Hope this helps!


hmm, thanks. I wasnt thinking Tv was a canon specific thing. What does "high" iso mean? 400 and above? There is no way to set a specific ISO? Any one know if this is an option on the TG-2?

Also, I find it really odd that the ts5 only has manual, no priority modes.

Thanks for the help.

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