Colors of DP1M, DP2M & DP3M pretty close

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Re: Quick observation based on using presets

HBowman wrote:

oOo and dog furtoo Dog fur out of DP2m are out (or was) but this was discussed here long time ago. R+5Y-15 anyone ?? No ??

Please, take time to dig into the forum and you will see the "Merrill" evolution.

I'm aware that almost every camera has yielded different results straight from the camera. I've used (in order) SD10, SD9, SD14 (several different units), DP1, DP2, DP2Merrill, SD1, SD15.... The DP1Merrill and DP3Merrill are the only ones I have personally not used. In fact, I've written over the years that probably my biggest frustration with Sigma/Foveon cameras is getting them to match... in that I'm often shooting a combination of Sigma (and/or Canon 5DII) such as SD14 and DP1 and DP2 side-by-side ; or now SD15 and the DP2Merrill.

My main point is, I suppose, that the difference in out-of-camera output of the different Merrill cameras may not be that large, from what Bob, Kendall and others with BOTH cameras have said. Post processing certainly yields more  and creates more differences.

FWIW I didn't see as large a difference between the DP2Merrill and the SD1 as with previous model cameras... and I could get the output to look similar in SPP. But again, I don't have another DPxM camera to compare with my DP2Merrill.

But I certainly can believe that there is some 'color' difference. We know too that previous cameras have changed their 'color' patterns by firmware updates. I remember quite specifically with the early SD14s. It would be interesting to learn what the Sigma portrait photographers think of inherent differences, other than the mm of lenses... Kevin Ames, Lindsay Adler, people who've used all the cameras 'live' in studio type situations.

Best regards, Sandy (archival) (current)

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