OMD E-M5 Original design Grip

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Re: OMD E-M5 Original design Grip

Very nice.  Better than the JB Design grip that is sold on Amazon.  I have some suggestions to make it even better.

1. Are you able to position the tripod mounting hole in line with the lens axis?  I think it can be done if you position it more forward, i.e. closer to the lens.  To strengthen it, just fill up the empty space around that area at the bottom, and if necessary, make the middle part of the grip's bottom or base protrude or slope out to the front.

2. I think your grip will also share one of the problems of the JB Design grip, which makes it not very comfortable to hold with one hand.  The rear bottom corner, where it meets the palm of the right hand, is too angular in shape and put too much pressure on the palm.  Try it.  If you can make that corner more rounded in shape, it should be better.  I think it is worth it to make that part near that corner thicker, both the back and side near that corner a little thicker, to make that corner smoother and more comfortable because the E-M5 is a bit heavy with a big lens.  That would also make the thin edge around the hole (cut out for battery changes) stronger.  Just reinforce the those two thin edges by making it thicker, and to let you get a more rounded shape for that corner.  I don't think it matters if the base is a little thicker than the camera, especially if you use a slightly sloping shape, i.e. wider and deeper at the very bottom.  A slightly wider shape (to the right hand side) will also let you put the finger grip further away from the lens, to provide more room there.  Many of us like to use the left hand to hold the lens from the bottom (like old SLRs), which means the fingers from both hands do not have enough room.   It is OK to position the edge of the finger grip a little bit outside of the camera.  A sloping (or larger base area) shape will give more area to contact the tripod and also let the camera stand more stably on a table or flat surface.  Don't worry too much about additional weight.

3. JB Design's grip have fairly sharp edges, and its brass screw is also sharp around the coin slot.  I hope you make your edges smooth.

Good luck, and I hope you can get this grip out for us soon.

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