Reasons I should not buy a NEC Multisync PA241W-BK-SV

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just Tony
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Re: Reasons to not buy the 'SV' bundle.

Wayne Larmon wrote:

The puck that is bundled with the SV package only works with NEC monitors.

I found that to not be correct with the prior version of the puck, the NEC-branded Eye One Display 2. It worked quite well on a Dell monitor using the MacBeth software. I have the NEC-branded Display Pro but haven't tried it with those non-NEC products yet. Maybe they did lock down the new one.

Also, some SV packages have the obsolete i1D2 puck.

I wouldn't call the older one obsolete in a functional sense. It works with the current SpectraView software and continues to deliver good results. I agree that the new one is at least slightly preferable:

On the strength of your recommendation I picked up a used copy of the newer calibrator and found it to give a theoretically better calibration. My Delta-E's went from 0.8 average and 1.2 max down to 0.55 average and 0.75 max. Multiple sources advise that Delta-E values below 2 are what you want and don't obsess over differences below that. And sure enough I don't perceive any difference within Photoshop or Lightroom but I won't refuse technically better numbers. If anyone with better eyes than mine looks at my monitor I'm covered.

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