Thinking of swapping from MFT to full DSLR - Advice?

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Re: Panasonic f2.8 zooms not equivalent to pro-grade FF f2.8 lenses

marike6 wrote:

The two Panasonic f2.8 zooms vs FF equivalents is about the worst comparison in favor of m43 you could make.  The Canon 70-200 and 24-70 2.8 lenses, aside from the DOF discussion below, are designed to cover a FF sensor.  As such they use more glass, and are more difficult to design and more expensive to produce.

It's false to say something is more expensive to produce simply because it's larger.  By this metric, a Chevy Suburban should be the most expensive car on the road.  Look at all that metal! Think about how much harder it would be to design something that big versus, say, a Porsche 911!  We all know the world is more complicated than that.

If one picture makes the case for m43, it's this one.  Good grief that's a lot of camera.

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