Why the x100s files are lacking

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Re: Why the x100s files are lacking

John Carson wrote:

Daniel Lauring wrote:

"1600 iso = 987 iso measured

3200 iso = 1470 iso measured

I've read anywhere from half a stop to 3/4 of a stop of "cheating" by Fuji on the X-trans sensored cameras.  I would like to better understand how that magazine figured it was over a stop.  They are saying that ISO 6400 is close to 2 stops off!!!

As far as weird effects are concerned.  I saw them occasionally when I had the camera on the default settings.  Since I've switched to -2 NR and turned off auto dynamic range I haven't seen it.  What I have yet to do is selectively turn the "knobs" (NR, dynamic range, sharpness) to create and remove those watercolor effects.

The brightening effect of higher ISO can be achieved in different ways in-camera. One way is using analogue gain. Another way is to use digital manipulation in the same way as a program like Photoshop does.

It would appear that the writer is not talking about the overall ISO but is instead talking about the portion of it that is the result of analogue gain.

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john carson

What camera today does Full analogue gain on chip before A/D? None. Not a single one. It is not 1990s any more. they can bump it maybe twice Before a To d.

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