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Supports or is...

Tareq Abdulla wrote:

It says it supports SATA III [6Gbps]

Supports SATA III, or is SATA III?

You can say a device has SATA III support, even if it's got a SATA II port (as SATA III drives will work, but you're limited to SATA II bus speeds). 

I'd take a closer look at the laptop specs to find out if it's really a SATA III port or not

Your problem may not be related to drive speed anyway though (as the drivers and programs you're loading during bootup and startup may be using a lot of CPU resources slowing it down).   Sometimes startup processes are waiting for devices to initialize during a boot processing slowing it down, and sometimes you can find programs starting that are going online to check for updates.

IOW, may find you've got programs running that are looking for updates during bootup, too (AV software downloading new definitions, programs looking for updates to Adobe Flash Player, Java, etc.).   So, it may not be related to drive speed.

Also, even if it's SATA II versus SATA III, you'd still see read speeds approaching 300MB/Second for some block sizes (about twice as fast as you'd get with a physical hard drive), with many newer SSD models (of course, the exact drive you bought will make a difference in what you can expect to see for read speeds, as some SSDs are much faster than others).

But, since you're replacing a Hybrid Drive (versus a standard physical drive), you may not see much benefit during startup, as most of the startup programs and libraries may already be cached in the drive's flash memory section.   That's one of the benefits of using a Hybrid Drive.

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