Colors of DP1M, DP2M & DP3M pretty close

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Re: Quick observation based on using presets

SandyF wrote:

Huylss, two points I think are important. You're not using the cameras simultaneously, ie shooting what I call 'side by side' so that makes it hard to do an exact comparison. Your DP2Merrill shots are apparently from last year. DP3Merrill shots currently.

Second, the DP2Merrill shots you're showing are not using the current firmware.. or probably even the one before that. The latest is new, I haven't updated yet. I'm still using DP2Merrill on 1.02.

I recall someone posted a series of barn shots when the DP3Merrill first came out, which showed different basic colorations in the cameras. The DP3Merrill was browner I recall.

But what we don't know... and everyone is working to figure out.... is how the cameras compare NOW. Note Bob and Kendall and several other people have BOTH, in hand, and can compare them on site,  in different locations and light, studio and outdoors, and on-camera as well as in post processing.
My own feeling FWIW is that there are subtle differences in the cameras, BUT the wb settings and colormode settings and post processing make far more difference in the results than an inherent difference in the RAW. I haven't used the DP3M.... but I've seen such subtle differences in evey other camera I've used.

Best regards, Sandy (archival) (current)

As I said I do not care of color checker. This is skin tones in the street and especially were there is brown, red, orange tonality, like me, out of SPP direct jpeg without adjustments (even WB).

I would have kept the DP2m (I sold him 2 months ago) other wise, or there is no homogeneity between series of camera, independently of firmware.

The more funny in this, is if I was saying "the DP3m do have the same rendering than the DP2m" I would have been attacked by ppl to prove me the contrary LOL.

Even before the the DP3m was out, on some flickr examples, this difference between the two camera was kinda visible ...

And note that I KNOW how to use a camera, I master my camera (I even teach it).

When you say that the DP3m look like browner it is just because WB pipette of SPP5.5 (I do not know for the 5.51) was broken and too warm. Auto WB out of the DP3m was more accurate than WB adjusted in SPP. I do not come here to say all what I know because I do not have too much time for that but I'm deep into sigma and SPP manipulations.

SIGMA change(adjust) things and do not tell us they changed it. Just what they want to say and us to know.

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