Tilt/Shift for MFT!

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Sergey Borachev Veteran Member • Posts: 4,221
Re: There's no "pretty wide" TS lens for µ4/3

No, I did not read the details of your post.  Sorry, but the OP was saying there are no "pretty wide" TS lens.  Is any of the lenses you mentioned "pretty wide" when mounted with an adapter on a M43 camera, i.e. wider than what the Panasonic 7-14mm?  If not, there is no point.  And if there is something with an effective FOV wider than that, i.e. 6mm or less, is it providing good enough image quality at the shifted end of the picture for large enlargements?  If not, they are not really worth it, and are therefore toys.  That's what I meant by no TS lenses for M43 except toys.  For smaller prints, there is no need for TS lenses, just use the 7-14mm, and if necessary, use software correction.

For proper viewing, photos made with ultra wide and extreme wide lens need to be enlarged really big, to provide the proper original FOV feel. I don't think any  lens wider than 7mm, after shifting, can provide a decent quality image on M43 size sensors for very big enlargements to be of use in any serious application.

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