Switzerland already more European than the UK?

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but the minuscule amount of credibility you might have had disappeared when I realised a german was lecturing me on international co-operation and good relations. You might have forgotten the events of the 20th Century, and your country may well be taking advantage of the chaos they caused, but don't for one minute think that everyone has forgotten. Fortunately you can't erase history and if you actually understood anything about history you'd understand that's where all the  important lessons are. One important lesson is to beware any treaties or agreements written by Germans because history tells that generally they aren't worth the paper they're written on.

WWI was as much the fault of Britain as it was of Germany. It was the treaties signed by various inbred royals (including the English ones) that made WWI a reality. WWII was bound to happen as soon as the treaty of Versailles was forced upon Germany by, well, that was Britain and France, wasn't it?

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