Blogger Ming Thein: GH3 a "consumer appliance"

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Losing credibility...?

Marathonianbull wrote:

Ming Thein is not only a very gifted photographer with rare depth, but also a superlative writer.

"Consumer appliance"... There could be so many meanings to this, like having too many automated elements, feeling too plasticky, working 'flawlessly' as any "consumer appliance" generally does out of the box, not offering enough manual controls, weighing too little in spite of being bulky (lacking optical heaviness), etc. You could ask him and he'll surely answer; I myself was wondering with a certain grim what he meant by that, a month ago!

On the other hand, do not overly care if this remark somewhat sounds pejorative or unrelated to your personal experience. That's HIS BLOG, HIS OPINION (as good as SteveHuff's or KenRockwell's praising litanies, of course followed by commercial links). Ming Thein should therefore say whatever he feels like if that in fact reflects what he really thinks given that his readers are expecting precisely such personal views.

I generally respect Ming Thien's opinions. I don't own a GH3 but, he simply got this one wrong. I'm not sure if he got up on the wrong side of his bed or had just had a fight with a good friend and needed to vent about something...anything.

Ken Rockwell can offer useful information at times but his web site is built around keeping traffic to his sponsor links flowing so he can generate income from "click throughs."

Steve Huff lives in lala land thinking (and bragging to all who will read his content) that he is God's gift to the Leica world. He brags about personally generating more Leica business than any other person or thing on the planet. He recently posted a bizarre nonsensical rant (Titled "What is wrong with passion and enthusiasm? Nothing!") whining about people reading a blog he wrote and the way people complained about his content. I used to receive subscription emails when Huff's blog posted a new story but, as I read the blog content in the email I knew he had totally gone off the deep end. I sent him an email via his contact link on his site letting him know my opinion of his recent rant. He sent me an incredibly uncivil email back. I decided to re-read my own email to him and the content of his rant on his via the original link and the link no longer worked and he had deleted the nonsensical rant from his site altogether without an explanation. (I still have the content of the rant as part of the email his blog sent to me even though he deleted the post.)

The quality, validity, and usefulness of content posted by "personal" web sites on the "net" varies widely.

I do still think that Ming Thien will likely produce generally useful material. As I stated earlier, he just got lost somehow in his evaluation of the Panasonic GH3.


My opinion.

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