What I learned from Gollywop -- and what I wonder

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Re: What I learned from Gollywop -- and what I wonder

richarddd wrote:

Anders W wrote:

richarddd wrote:

Anders W wrote:

Mark Scott Abeln wrote:

I use the Enfuse command-line utility.

I manually align the images in Photoshop.

OK. That explains it. My processing times include RAW-to-jpeg conversion and aligning whereas yours don't. And it seems the aligning step is the most time-consuming, as pointed out by the LR/Enfuse Quick Guide here (see under "The 'Auto Align' panel"):


I tried skipping the aligning stage, as is possible if you are shooting from a tripod and take care not to move the camera at all between shots, and this brought processing time for the nine-image merge I was playing with down to about a minute. Of that, half or so, is probably simply RAW conversion time.

Aha - you're using jpeg as an input to Enfuse. I'd been trying tiff for the higher image quality and better ability to edit results.

I don't know what I am using. This part of the process (what LR/Enfuse tells LR to do with regard to the output of the RAW conversion) is hidden from my eyes. But my guess is that it's TIF, not jpeg, for optimal quality.

When you said "RAW-to-jpeg conversion" I thought you meant the process included conversion to jpeg

I realize that. It was a slip of the "pen" on my part. I should have said just "RAW conversion".

Playing some more, I got error messages and warnings down to:

enfuse: warning: Incompatible type for "RichTIFFIPTC"; tag ignored
enfuse: info: input image "layers_0000_Layer 1.tif" does not have an alpha channel;
enfuse: info: assuming all pixels should contribute to the final image
enfuse: info: input image "layers_0001_Layer 0.tif" does not have an alpha channel;
enfuse: info: assuming all pixels should contribute to the final image
enfuse: info: loading next image: layers_0000_Layer 1.tif 1/1
enfuse: info: loading next image: layers_0001_Layer 0.tif 1/1

after aligning in PS and exporting layers to tiff. The resulting image looks fine.

Photomatix, including align and processing, is much faster. Photoshop also aligns quickly

This may be merely because they don't do the job as well as LR/Enfuse does. Have a look at this review of LR/Enfuse versus some other pieces of software, including Photomatix and note what is said about sharpness:


There are some settings in LR/Enfuse that you can play with in order to tell it exactly how to do the aligning. Adjusting those settings might yield shorter processing times at the expense of lower quality.

I while ago I found Photoshop to be better at aligning than Photomatix or anything else I tested. I believe it can get perfect registration (provided nothing in the image has moved). I haven't tested recently and haven't done more than look at Hugin (which is what LR/Enfuse uses for aligning).

One application that might perhaps reach even further when it comes to aligning is PhotoAcute, which apparently tries to do some pretty advanced things in this regard. See here:



I haven't tried it yet so can't comment on how well it works in practice.

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