Colors of DP1M, DP2M & DP3M pretty close

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Re: Quick observation based on using presets

I would like to apologize if I sounded very rude in my previous posts. I struggle with children actually and I'm more than exasperated and that affect my comportment.

Well, here is a short example of the difference between the DP2m, and his color response in outdoor scene. Both shoots are took over white sky (no sun, nothing), so pretty good conditions.

The first photo is not my wife (she is but not on this photo...). You have hard time to see her freckles but, in the DP2m shoot, there is an evident colour shift problem. All colours of this photo are out, or close to be out, in standard mode (Or you are really really blind). Zoom on his face and look at this frigin irradiated skin ... what the hell ?? of course, it is out of the last SPP, exifs inside, without pp. On stage, with girls, we were ... very surprised/disgusted. After many test we took the Nikon ... and stopped with the little.

DP2m, irradiated skin tones, fact, red layer problem.

The second shoot is done with the DP3m, all auto, standard mode, out of spp 5.51 and no pp exifs inside. THIS is my wife, this is my love. Colours are not saturated, what is yellow is not reddish ... and of course I do have many examples but those are the most ... evident for the blind ones.

DP3m, natural skin tones, fact, color fixed.

My scientific opinion, because I have the right to have one is simple :

Every SIGMA camera had problems with the red layer of the sensor (all). Every iteration of SIGMA DP or SD, was just to fix the signal (at an electronic level) and the red layer.

Red/Green/magenta colour splotches, who are fatcs too, are due to this very layer and, to be more accurate, I think this is due to what you have between the two layers or the interpretation of the signal between the two layers, green and red (red is the most sensitive). A sort of contamination.

If some here, have absolutely the same color between the DP2m and the DP3m (I doubt large about it), it is maybe because I had the first batch of DP2m and SIGMA maybe changed something at a precise serial number to fix it. Note that, when I sold my DP2m, he had not the last firmware but the one before; so it was not with the initial firmware.

My wild guess (educated guess) Is that the DP3m, at a color level, is excellent. That all. I do not care about color checker LOL I do not shoot color checker IRL even with MFDB or film

Skins tones do not lie. Skin tones are a subtle blend between colors and is a true test. Canon have a skin tone, Nikon have a skin tone, Leica have some skin tones, SIGMA (from the DP2s to the SD15 and now the DP3m) have a very good skin tone (Very).

Have a good day.

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