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Re: Change WB to sun and Colormode to vivid ...

Most cameras I've used, Sigma, Canon, Pentax, have been picky with reds.. particularly flowers which have a UV or something 'glow' to them often. One instance I can think of, Sigma x (whatever I was using, have to check) did 'better' on really red sunlit tulips at the US Botanic Garden than my Canon 5DII. The DP2Merrill has been 'good' on reds for me in several indoor and outdoor situations (see photos on flickr in my DP2Merrill set)... particularly the red antique cars indoors in Nashville and that 'test' caboose I use in my town. The SD10 used to do it in pink! Cameras since than have good red when I expose right.
I suppose I'd use spot metering on the playground equipment in the OP's case, since that's the subject. Take a couple different exposures, if I were not really familiar with the camera. And then I'd fiddle in SPP with white balances and colormodes then colorwheel to get the best results.

While I think the SD1 shoots (exposes and settings) kind of similarly to the DP2Merrill, they're not exactly the same. But more similar than say the DP2Merrill to the SD15 or SD14 or earlier DP models.
White balance and colormodes make a SIGNIFICANT difference in these cameras.

The 'hot' caboose again, DP2Merrill, different view, shooting up towards sky

DP2Merrill IN-CAM JPEG f/9 1/500 ISO100 possibly used a polarizer, I don't remember, evaluative metering

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