Thinking of swapping from MFT to full DSLR - Advice?

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Re: Just done it myself...

papillon_65 wrote:

sgoldswo wrote:

Tony, are you ditching all your M43s kit or have you sacrificed your Sigma Dp1/2 (sorry can't remember which) too?

Hi Simon, I've kept back my 45mm F1.8 and the 40-150mm but I haven't got a body at the moment (My OMD will be gone in a few days). I still have my little DP2X which I can't bring myself to sell yet, the IQ is too nice in the right conditions, it's my cloud camera

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Ha! People do seem to find those Sigmas difficult to give up. I can only assume it's a little like my M9 - you don't use it for a bit and then you get some nice light and it blows you away!

Well there are plenty of good cheap M43s bodies floating (new and used) about if you want to pick one up. My (now IR converted) GX1 was all of £200 after cashback...

In any event, have fun with your 5D II!

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