NEX 6 - I could kick myself!

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Re: NEX 6 - I could kick myself!

micdair wrote:

Seems like a fair review to me. I don't get it why some people think it's a negative one..."The NEX-6 earns a very solid silver award and only just misses out on a gold." All the cons seems legit, it is up to reader to decide which of these are important for him.

That's because the "some people" you reference go straight to the conclusion page and see silver instead of gold without reading a word in between and jump to conclusions that, depending on their viewpoint, either enforces their belief that the camera sucks just like they thought/hoped/prayed it would or enforces their belief that DPReview is anti-Sony just like they thought/hoped/prayed they were.

What the "some people" don't realize is that the market has changed drastically since the 5N and the 7 received their golds, with other makers (especially Olympus and Fuji) coming out with stellar offerings. When I bought the 5N I truly believed it was the best option out there. Fast forward to now, and while I love my 5R and have zero regrets purchasing it, I can't say with certainty that I would have bought it had I not already had the 5N.

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