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Re: Pentax-DA 560mm F5.6 ED AW

Yes i tried it at a local camera show last year, hand holding is quite possible despite what huge numbers of people believe or were told. sure strong wind is a pain but if you have that same amount of wind the typical tripod is useless too. it takes practice! you aren't going to get the feel of it the first few times but if you're used to looking through long lenses when holding them to your eye you train your body on how to stay more steady. your body essentially trains itself, the less you try the less successful you'll be.

1) you need to be able to find the subject in the VF, if not whats the point, the faster you find the subject the sooner you get the shot and the less strain on the arms, the more you do it the better you get and the more you're used to the weight.

2) you need to be able to hold the lens relatively steady, again practice makes perfect and your body over time automatically figures out how to handle the situation from breathing to stance.

the vast majority of the people who say it can't be done have never tried it for themselves, i came across a guy the other day who said you need a tripod for any good results on a medium format camera like my 6x9 Fuji GSW690III, i let him have his opinion because there are people out their that think the only way you can get a good shot is with a tripod, however if you just follow the 1/focal length rule you're fine, i did my first 2 rolls on the 6x9 all hand held no issues, the images are sharp and are full of detail.

So at 560mm (840mm) 1/800th sec is pushing your luck without SR, but you could do 1/1000th sec comfortably, with SR turned on i trust to to be effective at 1 stop (approx. 1/400th sec) and mostly effective at 2 stops (approx. 1/200th sec) but not effective at 3 stops. I shoot my Sigma 500/4.5 with the 1.4x TC hand held all the time, that give 700mm F6.3, or 1050mm on FF equiv. I shoot a lot at 1/500th sec (about 1 stop), sometimes at 1/250th sec but rarely anything lower.

Don't believe the people that say it can't be done or its too hard until you try it for yourself, I may be above average height for a person approx. 6' 2" which makes my arms longer and somewhat better to hand hold further out but i'd place myself as being below average strength to be honest, i'm not fit and certainly not known for strength, i probably could barely do a push-up or a chin-up so if i can handhold a big long lens then most people can. those who say it can't be done are either chicken or are believing the mis-information fed to them year after year.

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