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Re: What do you need in CS7

DenWil wrote:  I have not needed or made use of any new software abilities in at least a couple of years.

Exactly.  I am still using PS v7 as it does all I need (I do have CS2 - also unused).  I worked with film for years and only need to use the equivalent of what I used in the conventional darkroom - of course, that does mean learning technique so the captured image itself is of inherent high quality.

I use the camera manufacturer's RAW software to obtain high quality JPEGs (Sigma and Kodak) so have no need of "adapted" RAW offerings in such as Photoshop - I do have Lightroom but find it is somewhat clumsy for my purposes - I can easily organise my image files and folders myself, using Windoze Explorer.  Far better, I reckon, so LR sits there, unloved and in reality - a wasted purchase.  

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