New Sigma 17 70 contemporary series lens

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Re: New Sigma 17 70 contemporary series lens

rubicon wrote:

Hello folks;

I'm inquiring to find out if anyone has purchased the newest version of Sigmas 17 70 2.8 4.0? I have a version but it has a "quirky" focus motion, it sort of ratchets into focus it is a sharp lens on my D90, and I like its lens focus range it just doesn't "snap" into focus, sort of a zt,zt zt.

I'm sorry for my description of it trying to focus, I'm thinking of selling it and buying the new upgraded version or the Nikon 16 85 or hold out and wait for the the "rumored" f4 version.

So! if anyone has tried the newest version of the 17 70 2.8 4.0 do you like it? if so why, and why not?

I'm very happy with mine and it doesn't exhibit any of the AF issues you describe on a D600 (crop mode) or D7100. I'd say it's AF speed is equal to any of the Nikon consumer lenses (16-85, 18-200 etc)

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