TG-2 sample shot at ISO 100 and my initial impression

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Re: TG-2 sample shot at ISO 100 and my initial impression

Jefftan wrote:

Why do you return TG-2? you don't like its IQ?

I am very interested to hear you opinion about AW110

I believe you are well aware that the lens is 2 stop slower for AW110

I returned the TG2 mainly because of the way Oly handles noise reduction.  For me, they overprocess.  It seems that most of these camera's in this category tend to go a bit overboard with their NR.  If it wasn't for that issue, I'd have kept the TG2.  I'd much rather handle noise reduction myself, in post processing.  So far, at least, it seems to me that the Nikon isn't as heavy-handed with it's NR.

As you said, the TG2's f2 is a nice feature, and if you plan on using the camera in low-light situations it will do a better job vs the Nikon, Panny, or any other camera with a slower lens.  For me, it's not a huge factor, as I will mainly be using the tough cam in good light - snorkeling, kayaking, etc.

I'm not seeing HUGE differences among these camera's IQ, and admittedly am doing a bit of pixel peeping right now.  But by getting some hands-on with a few of the top contenders, I can satisfy myself that whatever camera I wind up keeping will have the best mix of IQ, usability, etc., for the type of shooting that I do.

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