a99 HOT SHOE does not FIT Radio Trigger and Flashes

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Re: Don't get me started...

Brian_Smith wrote:

Radio Poppers and PocketWizard (along with most 3rd party flash makers) balked at the fabrication cost to retool their products for a proprietary flash shoe. Going back to an industry standard hotshoe opens the door to a whole range of 3rd party flashes a triggers that are available for every other camera brand.

Not so Brian.  RP and PW didn't balk at iISO because of retooling necessity.  They have to do that for Canon/Nikon individually anyway.  They balk because the popularity of CaNikon is more likely to have users who'll spend extra cash on pro items like radio slaves.

Other lesser players gladly picked up the iISO market quite handily... Pixel King, Phottix Odin, Metz, Sigma, Nissin, Yongnuo... all have iISO native mounts because they saw a market that was left unserved.  They are smart, native, and more capable than any adapted MIS configuration.

The "whole range" of 3rd party flashes/triggers that you speak of with "no worries" has just reverted our flash system back to all the tech savvy of 1980.  Nothing is smart or HSS.  Could have had that all along with a $5 adapter or a pc chord.  The new shoe solves nothing.  But it creates numerous problems that we haven't had for a very long time.

Certainly Sony did not create MIS with the goal of users reverting to vintage technology.  I grow weary of iISO misinformation being used to support the validity of Sony's MIS.

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