Decent manual focus landscape lens?

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Re: Decent manual focus landscape lens?

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I agree - complaints about the 16-50mm are WAY overblown by people who shoot test charts. Stopped down one or 2 stops, at 16mm, it's enough to make me question the weight of carrying my 11-16mm Tokina, except for cathedral/mosque interiors

One thought - when you shoot "landscapes" what precisely do you expect, and where will you be shooting? If desert and basically nothing for miles but flatness, a wide angle isn't very useful - to get the bang out of it,  I think you need a distinct near, middle and distant object to get the depth that makes "WOW!"

Most of my landscape shots would be at the top of a ride. When I lay my head down at night and dream of my ideal shot, it's riding 10,000 feet on a crest and the picture takes in enough scenery for the viewer to understand and appreciate the scope of the ride. Something like this  or this

He did say under $200 guys. How much is the C/Y 28mm going for these days?

I looked up the 16-50mm, and if I'm looking at the right one , it's a little pricey.

That is the A-mount lens, pricey also because it is an f/2.8 (constant aperture) lens. I think Mel was alluding to 16-50 OSS (kit zoom on new NEX cameras).

Yes I was alluding to that kit lens - but damn, buying that without a camera is OUTRAGEOUS. I bought mine with my NEX-6 solely to have an affordable wide angle lens with a reasonable aperture (I'm pretty steady hand-holding even old MF glass).  I paid $898 for the camera and lens.

However, I am rapidly becoming totally sold on my Leica 35mm f1.4 as a walk-around lens, even though it's less than spectacular at f1.4 - but turns gorgeous at f2-2.8.  I paid about $350 for it, used, in 1984, on an evening stroll from the Intercontinental Hotel in Frankfurt.

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