Why the x100s files are lacking

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Re: Why the x100s files are lacking

samhain wrote:

I was just reading the comments in Huff's review of the x100s, and one of them stood out to me in a big way. It goes into why the x100s's files seem to be lacking that certain something. I think it's a fantastic post & very informative,  so I thought i'd share it here. Hopefully he see's this and steps in to expand on it.

Mauro B writes:

A)  So every camera is supposed to render a scene exactly the same just like all film stocks render exactly the same way?  I suppose if you are into engineering and not art that would make sense.  I use a D700, X Pro, X100S and now X20.  I personally like the fact that none of them give me exactly the same thing.  Is every lens of equivalent focal supposed to deliver the exactly the same results?  Wow let's just make everything exactly the same so the world will really be an interesting place.  Now if you don't particularly like the way the X100S renders then here's a simple solution, but what does.  That said, I have no problem with you saying you don't like it.  But you must remember what's best for you, may or may not best for someone else.

B)  Why does anyone, I mean ANYONE, take Steve Huff seriously?

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