a99 HOT SHOE does not FIT Radio Trigger and Flashes

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Re: Clyde,

Hawaii-geek wrote:

Do know for a fact that RadioPopper would love to support the SONY flash system.

As I have posted before , they tried to support it a year ago ,  but for some reason could not get the timing.   They said they would love to give it a go again.   And in fact was encouraged by  SONYs move to a Standard Hot shoe.  (maybe a little less proprietary?)

* with just a little help from SONY ,  you could see this in RadioPopper really soon.  And guess what ,  chances are , when RadioPopper does it ... Pocketwizards will then have to follow (at some point) Then, all the walls start falling. :)HG

Absolutely. I spoke with both RadioPoppers and PocketWizard several times about this over the last couple years and both are very interested in creating a Sony version of the High Speed Sync triggers they make for Canon and Nikon - but both companies drew a line in the sand over over the cost to re-fabricate for Sony's proprietary flash shoe. Sony was aware of this to and that's a large part of the reason for their move back to industry standard.

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