Hard drive failure

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Re: Hard drive failure

Irregular use does not imply it will fail due that reason.  However, I think it would be fair to say (judging from concensus of opinion) that irregular use of a SSD drive or any memory card could, at least, mean loss of stored data.

I have a number of drives that are more than 12 years old and still working daily for backups and suchlike (in USB enclosures) and two internal drives (IDE) that are around 10 years old working daily and no problems, alongside a 1 TB drive (new two years ago) as the main master drive.  Obviously, the external USB drives offer double backup of my own data plus a disc image or two!

Being where I am, in rural Spain, I have kept an old desktop with an AMD K6 CPU of fantastic high speed - like 500 and 512MB RAM, which has been useful on occasions for accessing e-mails via dial-up when the broadband has been out of action for a day or so, as happens.  That is many moons old, as is the internal 60GB hard drive - it has also been loaned to several people starting computer learning (so they then have a better understanding of what they should purchase), so I would never part with it even for just that reason.  Even being old and relatively slow for some things, strangely enough it is as fast for tripe-ing word documents as the latest soopah-doopah offerings.  That internal drive can sit idle for months between uses and it has been working faultlessly for at least 12 years to date, if not more.

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