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Re: Change WB to sun and Colormode to vivid ...

anfat wrote:

Guenter Borgemeister wrote:

... and you get perfectly fine reds.

I downloaded your files and was surprised that the SD1 responds very strongly to change of color modes. Foveon blue for example turns the reds into pure yellow, I dont remember having seen that kind of response from my DPM´s.

BTW., if you turn on the overexposure warnings in SPP, you will see that the reds are indeed way overexposed.

Hardy Steiner wrote:

So I had a very quick look ... sorry not too much time available today: There isn't anything I can find wrong about the pictures, maybe just a little but of overexposure, but not by much. In any case, I wouldn't expect red to turn out orange. I normally don't change my pictures much in SPP, so I didn't try a  lot of options. It's best you wait until some of the other forum members provide feedback as well, maybe they can find something.

Which firmware is your SD1 M on? Is it the latest? If not, maybe you try to upgrade and see if something changes.

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no, sorry...they are not reds, are oranges only darker...

In vivid-mode, RGB-values read 223 17 3, the resulting CMYK-values read 2% 99% 100% 1% (in that image with the traffic sign in that red board). Looks pretty red to me. Not completely pure red, but seems pretty ok.

Reds have always been a bit problematic with any Foveon-camera, that´s probably due to the way the sensor works. In images with strong red parts it is always good to underexpose a bit, because the built in meter doesn´t seem to respect that strong red-response.

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