Thinking of swapping from MFT to full DSLR - Advice?

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Depends on what you class as "serious". Some people only have one system, shoot telephoto occasionally and want that capability when they need it. M4/3's fills that need pretty well. Any m4/3's camera is capable of capturing telephoto action shots if the user knows what they are doing. If you want a camera specifically for telephoto then there are better options.
M4/3's is a pretty good one size fits all option, not perfect but it fills that need for plenty of people.

I am certainly not advocating that m43 users should ditch m43 gear if they want to shoot telephoto. What I am saying is if telephoto is your priority, then maybe you would not care too much about size and weight (within reason), thus m43's appeal is a lot less for someone who is contemplating on buying into a system,

People who have specific telephoto needs don't buy m4/3's, it's a swiss army knife not a specialist tool. The average user tends to prefer a Swiss Army knife to a machete, they're smaller and do lots of things well rather than excelling at one thing in particular. That being said you'll get an m4/3's camera into far more places than a DSLR in my experience.

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I use a kit lens for a normal zoom on my Dslr because it's good enough for what i need, if i intended to improve the I.Q. i'd buy something better, i spend all my money on telephoto

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