D7100 gets DXO'd

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Fred Mueller wrote:

hi Mako

When I shoot JPG in my 600 -  with ADL  on, any setting - all the pic-style sliders are fully functioning and affect the JPG as you would expect - more or less contrast, higher or lower saturation, and so forth.

Very true....but it is not the same results had ADL been off as it overrides those settings.  A "5" contrast/brightness setting will not be applied the same with ADL off as with ADL on. In the ADL on scenario...it can also change one scene to the next.

Not so with my D700.  ADL on greys out and defeats the contrast slider in all the 700 pic-style dialogs


Not sure what capture NX does - don't have it - maybe it behaves like the older cameras ??

Doesn't behave different but lets you turn off ADL processing so you can see the effect and compare.

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