Thinking of swapping from MFT to full DSLR - Advice?

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Re: Thinking of swapping from MFT to full DSLR - Advice?

jquagga wrote:

You are allowed to have more than one camera system.  I have a GF5 and I have a Nikon D5100.  I use them for different things.  But I don't think that DSLR lenses are any super bargins compared to m43 lenses.  Oh you can find cheaper DSLR lenses, but they're often built cheaper.  Of course there's also a larger pool of 3rd party manufacturers and that helps a lot.

Macro is a notable weak spot in m43 to me though.  The Oly 60 or the Panny 45 are extremely expensive.  My DSLR has a "macro" (but not a real 1:1 macro) standard zoom on it that gets me far closer than the Panny X lens.

Extremely expensive? Come on, get real. The 60mm sells for about 550€ whereas the Canon EF competitor, the EF 2.8/100mm L is about 800€. Its non L sibling (no IS, no focus delimiter, probably more production units) sells for 480€. Only the EF-S 60mm Macro is with 400€ notably cheaper, but not extreme. You really want to call the pricing of the 60mm extreme? The same is valid for the P 2.8/45mm. Both lenses are very reasonably priced.

And why is macro a weak point? You have two excellent macro lenses at your choice, a 90mm and a 120mm equivalent. The 60mm has superior handling (clever designed focus limiter) to most available original and third party macros in a fraction of size and weight (especially compared to the Sigma macro monsters).

On one hand, we want excellent quality, on the other hand everything needs to be cheap.

It has been discussed and shown here in numerous threads, that m4/3 is by no means more expensive than traditional DSLR systems. Usually, you get better quality at about the same price.

It is pointless to repeat the same myth over and over again.

On the other hand, the DSLR kit is bigger and heavier than the m43 kit by far.  It needs a bag to transport; my m43 camera goes in my pockets.  Often times I decide before I go out if I want to carry the bag o' gear or not.

I can't get, what all the fuss is about m4/3 pricing as a motivation to switch to entry DSLR. You can get a m4/3 flagship, the E-M5 for only 300€ more than a Canon EOS 650D body. If you reduce your requirements a little, you can have with the Panasonic G5 a ergonomically better body than a 650D for 450€. So m4/3 is more expensive? Kit lenses for m4/3 cameras have - according to numerous reviews - better IQ, especially the new Panasonic 14-42mm II receives good ratings.

Even if due to some ridiculous rebates you can get an entry DSLR for, say, 300€ less than your m4/3 kit of choice, the size and weight saving will pay off very soon, actually with every day of usage.

And then we have the myth of more DOF control. In which direction, shallower or deeper DOF control? Based on experience I can tell, that more images suffer from not enough DOF than vice versa. This super shallow DOF becomes such a boring stereotype, that it is more used as an argument against m4/3 than actually appropriately used in the field. m4/3 has excellent glasses, which can be used at max aperture, that provide enough DOF control with a smooth bokek (the cheap 1.8/45mm and the 1.8/75mm).

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