D7100 gets DXO'd

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Re: D7100 gets DXO'd

Danel wrote:

DXO is a good resource and measures and compares some important metrics, but they are hardly the last word concerning the image quality of a camera.  For example, they don't measure resolution, nor do they measure the potential improvement in acuity due to removal of the AA filter, or the moire that might result.  Further, they don't measure things like the camera's feature set, handling, and usability.  It would be a mistake to draw conclusions about the value of one camera versus another based solely on the DXO measurements.

Personally, I would not want to use a 24MP APS-C without an AA filter for shooting cityscapes, landscapes, etc with sharp lenses with low-diffraction f-stops.

With a 300-400mm lens and a 2x TC, however, it could be pretty useful, IMO; much better than my Canon 7D with its fairly strong AA filter.

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