Has the X20 met or failed your expectations?

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Re: Looking at P7100 samples

Sunshine_boy wrote:

Sunshine_boy wrote:

I have been reading rather conflicting comments and opinions from actual users so far and to be honest I have not yet seen sample images to impress me for a camera being launched with such clout.

As I wrote in the original posting of this thread, I was looking for evidence that the X20 image quality is considerably better than the IQ of its competitors. Sure I understand that its technology and specifications are higher than most of the others, but the question I put to myself is: "Will I (with the X20) get an IQ improvement worth my $600 over an older model of one of the better compacts of another brand? I do appreciate other nice and handy features of the X20 but I am concentrating on IQ for the moment.

I have recently posted some pictures from the 'lowly' P7100 in the Nikon forum and I chose 2 of them to make crops and show them here. The full thread is at:


All P7100 pics were jpegs sooc (some cropping in some). I feel that the clarity of detail and jpeg processing of the P7100 appears to be better than the X20, or at least not so much worse to suggest a worthy improvement by buying the X20. See for yourselves and give me your comments. Remember that we are only talking about IQ at this stage.

Crop from middle right of full image

Crop from center-bottom of full image

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