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Re: And no AA filter and Re: With greater resolution.

wlad wrote:

rhlpetrus wrote:

And most people will never actually reach the 14EV of DR or the extra color depth these cameras allow for. It's just beyond most (including mine) people's abilities.

Every time you take a shot during a sunny day, you make use of the 14 EV dynamic range. In fact, even then the camera has to decide if it wants to preserve the highlights or shadows - because 14EV is far from enough to capture a scene in direct sunlight without clipping any channels.

Whenever the DR of a single exposure with only one set of pixel sensitivities increases, it is just another way of saying that the background noise decreases.  That is always a good thing, unless it causes visible posterization, but no 14-bit sensor is in any danger of that at this time.

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