Thinking of swapping from MFT to full DSLR - Advice?

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Given than image circle is smaller and glass used is smaller, there really is no reason why they are as expensive as they are. a 25mm F1/8 for m43 should be half the diameter and half the length  as 50 F1.8 for FF. Material cost should be roughly 1/8th. Yeah I know the marketing cost and channel cost is the same etc, but surely, one would think  it should at the least be half the price, not twice the price?

You are paying for R&D costs and smaller economies of scale. Canon and Nikon have been churning bodies and lenses out for a much longer time now and have a huge customer base backed by powerful marketing strategies, that's the reality of it all.

RD cost aye? Well, Nikon released an all new 50 F1.8 two years ago, brand new design and even has an aspherical element, priceed at just 219 USD. their all new 85 F1.8, currently ranked number 1 in all lenses tested in DXO, cost only 499 USD. So this RD cost argument doesnt really fly for me.

The R&D cost is for the emerging m4/3's mirrorless technologies, the cameras are improving all the time. Lens design hasn't changed a whole lot in years, just better coatings and manufacturing.

So the golden question is why cant they sell lenses are more palatable prices?

As for economy of scale, it is understandable that m43 lenses are not 1/8th price of FF lenses, but not understandable when m43 lenses are more expensive than FF lenses.

Ultimately market forces drive the price, if they're too expensive then they won't sell. Clearly Panasonic and Olympus don't think they are yet so they must be selling.

At any price there will be buyers, but the higher the price the less the buyers, basic economics, demand curve, I am sure you know it.

At their current price, M43 lenses are not selling as many as they should, and thus attachment is not as strong as canikon. What proportion M43 owners own more than 3 prime lenses? Also at its current price, there are plenty of people asking the same question as OP but havent taken the first step, they are not buying into m43 system because lens cost too much.

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