Thinking of swapping from MFT to full DSLR - Advice?

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Re: Good advice

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Canon just announced 100D. Being 17 grams lighter and a friction bigger than OMD, one may say there is almost no compromise.

That is until you try to match the longer telephoto's on m4/3's. The compromise is still size and weight of many of the lenses. If you shoot only primes then it isn't much of a big deal.

My take is if you have to use telephoto lens, you are serious about what you are shooting, the "size and weight" benefit of m43 drops to the bottom of priority list. YMMV

This is on top of the fact that when you shoot action PDAF is always better than CDAF.

Ahh, so if you use m4/3s you aren't serious about your photography.

Get a clue mate.

What you 5 and can't read? where does it say "f you use m4/3s you aren't serious about your photography"?

Ok, so if you use any of the m4/3s telephotos, then you're not serious about photography.

Wrong again, read one more time see if you can get it. this time take a pill for the camera version of the small man syndrome before attempt.

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