Suitable D600 Alternative When Size/Weight Are An Issue

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Re: Suitable D600 Alternative When Size/Weight Are An Issue

Daniel Lauring wrote:

........P.S.  How you carry the camera is going to be almost as important as it's size and weight.  You need to have it convenient, but not banging into stuff.  I'd go with an over the shoulder strap, where the camera can slide on the strap.  This will allow you to tuck the camera behind you...out of the way...but still be able to quickly slide and pull it up to eye level.

Absolutely a great comment and what got me started down this road to begin with to be honest.  I know the Inca Trail is no walk in the park, but a few extra pounds of camera gear doesn't concern me as much as knowing it will be a tough slog, but wanting my camera immediately handy if I want to fire off a few frames as opposed to having to stop, take off my pack and get it out etc.  I learned this lesson doing some back country hiking near Banff.

I use a BlackRapid setup now and while its reasonably friendly on hikes it doesn't necessarily pair with a pack all that well so I think I would need to investigate something that utilizes my pack straps.  I've seen references on here to the Cotton Carrier (like a large holster), but I'll be honest--the idea of strapping a D600 on my hip like a holster and hitting the trail really isn't all that appealing.  At the same time, there is no way I'm going to walk with it around my neck so yes, the carrying solution is almost equally as important.  Again, this would give the nod to a smaller body.

I've also seen this setup from Peak Design--intriguing, but I wonder how it works in real life--anybody ever use one?  They have an informative video on this site that outlines the product if you have not seen it before.

All the comments here have been great and certainly has me considering some cameras I probably would not have were it not for you folks.  Not to mention, I'm more seriously considering just taking my D600.  So, thanks very much and I will continue to post updates as I get further down the road in the decision making process.  Please keep the comments coming!


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