D7100 Cause and Effect For D400

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Re: D7100 Cause and Effect For D400

Bailey151 wrote:

mosswings wrote:

5.) It will accept CF cards, or CF+SD.

Sorry about that, not happening. I doubt we'll ever see another camera with CF - which is a good thing. POS interface if ever there was. Anyone name another in use interface with frigg'n pins? Didn't think so.

How about pretty much every hard drive in use in computers today, including hot-swap hard drives in servers?

Frankly, I'd love to see them move to XQD+SD or dual XQD here.  I was pretty surprised not to see it in the D800.  I could see CF+XQD, too...

But if it isn't one of the above, it will almost certainly be CF+SD.  This is a pro-body camera, and it is highly likely that most of the body attributes, including cards, will mirror the D800.  Pros have, like and use CF, mainly due to speed and durability.  SD is not only too slow, but is fairly fragile - a bad combo for high-FPS shooters and people making money from their camera.  I'd be willing to bet money it won't be dual SD.

mosswings wrote:

6.) It will have the build and control ergonomics pro shooters expect.

That's another "who knows". Interfaces change, seems Nikon has been slowly changing the interface across the board. The only thing we know for certain is that eventually all we'll get is a screen on the back..........physical interfaces are going away. May be touch or may just be looking at the icon to operate it

I'd agree with most of the others..........question being about enough of a market to make it worthwhile?

So who's starting the pool?

I completely disagree here.  Nikon hasn't changed the "Pro" interface/handling much at all over the years, and it is extremely unlikely we'll get to nothing but a screen on pro cameras in the next decade.  The reason is the switches/knob setup so much faster than the push-a-button-and-spin-a-wheel of the prosumer/consumer handling or any touch screen.  I can configure a LOT of things on my D300s without even looking at the camera, and do it almost instantly.  Touch-screens are cool, and they might be "easier", but they aren't faster.  They aren't the ultimate destiny for everything.  Pros, birders, sport-shooters and other folks that shoot these bodies want fast, and frankly they want consistency.  I'm pretty certain you won't see a big change in the handling, and that is a good thing.

It is cool and all to speculate, but...

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