What I learned from Gollywop -- and what I wonder

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Re: What I learned from Gollywop -- and what I wonder

Mark Scott Abeln wrote:

Anders W wrote:

An update to my previous reply: It seems the program now uses 1024 MB for the cache and 2 MB for the buffer by default. Based on the advice given here


that on a system with considerably more than 4 GB (mine has 16), you should eliminate the cache, I did so by means of the command-line parameter -m 0. This didn't help though. Merging nine E-M5 images takes about four and a half minutes. On the other hand, this is with LR/Enfuse from within LR and includes all steps in the process as described here


In other words, the input consists of nine RAW files which are first converted, then aligned, and finally combined. Perhaps your processing times are for the last stage only?

I use the Enfuse command-line utility.

I manually align the images in Photoshop.

OK. That explains it. My processing times include RAW-to-jpeg conversion and aligning whereas yours don't. And it seems the aligning step is the most time-consuming, as pointed out by the LR/Enfuse Quick Guide here (see under "The 'Auto Align' panel"):


I tried skipping the aligning stage, as is possible if you are shooting from a tripod and take care not to move the camera at all between shots, and this brought processing time for the nine-image merge I was playing with down to about a minute. Of that, half or so, is probably simply RAW conversion time.

In spite of the significant processing times, I am very happy with the way LR/Enfuse works from a user perspective. While there appears to be quite a bit of work for the computer to do, there is very little for me, and all of it can be done without leaving LR. In order to successfully create a merged image I just check that the images I want to combine all look all right (e.g., with respect to sharpness), set those things in LR that should be done already at the RAW conversion stage (e.g., WB), select the images to be merged, check that the LR/Enfuse options are set correctly (there is usually little to be changed here from the previous merge operation), and start the process.

The fact that it then takes some time for it to finish is not the whole world. I just find something else to do, on the computer (which continues to work fine while LR/Enfuse chews in the background) or off. There is also a batch option whereby you can set up a whole series of merge operations for LR/Enfuse to work on, over night for example.

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