TG-2 sample shot at ISO 100 and my initial impression

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Re: TG-2 sample shot at ISO 100 and my initial impression

Ken G. wrote:

I get the impression that 'Stuff' rates the TG2 slightly below the AW110 and TS5 as far as still image IQ and Video.  I just picked up the AW110 yesterday and posted a few initial shots on the Nikon Coolpix Forum - I think it handles the fine detail better than the TG2 did.  I've got 2 weeks to play with it to see how it does overall vs the TG2 (which I returned a couple weeks ago).  I do like the TG2's physical layout and menu system better.  I can't find a Panny TS5 locally yet, but would like to try that too before making a final choice.

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Ken G.

Why do you return TG-2? you don't like its IQ?

I am very interested to hear you opinion about AW110

I believe you are well aware that the lens is 2 stop slower for AW110

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