NEX Birding - Spring Migration (55-210+DH1758)

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And lots of TCs are just plain bad

zackiedawg wrote:

Indeed - it's a 58mm threaded screw on adapter, made originally for the Sony H2 and H5 superzoom cameras.  A 49mm to 58mm step up ring does the trick for the 55-210...and the results are surprisingly good.  There may be slight variance with the other types of teleextenders out there - some have proven to give very good results, others mixed results. 

I have been looking for a VCL-DH1758 for a few weeks but $140 is the most I will pay so it may be a long time before I get one.  With 5 elements and no moving parts these should really be selling for $80.  I saw the Canon TL-55 1.4X listed on a page of "quality teleconverters" and decided it was worth $20 as an experiment. If anyone else is having similar thoughts let me save you some trouble.

The Canon TC only has 2 elements compared to the 5 elements in 3 groups most of the better ones have so my expectations were low.  I was expecting soft corners with lots of chromatic aberration.  But I was hoping for usable results in the center.  I got the TC yesterday and only had time for a couple of quick test shots before it got dark.  The TC had lots of chromatic aberration as expected but did have decent detail in the center.  What I was not expecting was the very low contrast.  Black ceases to exist with this TC.  Looking at it I do not think it is even coated, let alone multicoated.  Cranking the contrast slider to 100% in Lightroom and playing with the blacks, shadows, highlights and whites helped but I could not get what I consider acceptable results.

I am going to keep looking for a 1758 but what I really want is a native 300mm solution.  I am not holding my breath for that though.

The Canon TC might go back to eBay but since it was only $20 I might save myself and some other photographer some trouble and trash it.

Here are a couple of test shots with and without the converter.  The sparrow was rooting through my yard in the shade.  The camera was in the shade too.  I would hate to see what would happen if sunlight actually touched the converter.  Both of these are 100% crops that were exported from Lightroom with no adjustments.

With Canon TL-55 1.4X

55-210 with no TC

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