Why the x100s files are lacking

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Felts wrote:

.... I find it very hard to believe that at iso 6400 Fuji applies a magical tone curve that lifts the file over 2 stops, and can then still be extensively manipulated in post production. Surely any latitude would be pushed to the max for them to achieve this?

What's so hard to believe?

All sensors have a natural base sensitivity (often ISO 100) and inherent maximum exposure 'tolerance' - usually topping out at about ISO 1000.

Images produced both up to, and over, the 'maximum' sensor limit are merely the result of electronic manipulation of that sensitivity range ... the creation of any ISO figure is an electronic process.

Higher range ISO - over natural sensitivity - has always been in the realm of individual manipulation by camera companies 'stretching the tech' as it were, to deliver extreme usable results.

Bench-testing data may not be the same as OEM in-camera results (DXO has admitted as much) and claims that Fuji 'ISO cheat' is no more correct than saying other (un-named) vendors get it right.

The only time ISO is wrong or incorrect (IMO) is when the results from any correct aperture/shutter combination results in under/over exposed images. Anything else is merely electronic engineering (or it's supporters) trying to prove a point.

Perhaps we should simply drop ISO function if it confuses ... why not low/bright light condition buttons (it worked for Kodak Instamatics etc) .... or perhaps fast/slow movement conditions .... or just Auto ISO - which we already have!

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