Who would buy a 'Sigma' 12/2.8 Prime @ $399

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Sigma 12/2.8

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How much interest is there ? ... Who would buy a 12mm f 2.8 prime from them rather than the Oly f 2.0 ? ... I know that I would.

Seeing as they would simply re purpose a NEX targeted UWA APS-C lens, we would be getting a rather oversized yet under-performing optic for the asking price.  The 14/2.5 is already cheap, small, and optically good, and can be stitched easily enough with two quick shots in vertical orientation.

14/2.5 is small, cheap and optically just average... so Sigma has a window for 12/2.8 for a prime shooter looking for something wider than P14/2.5 and cheaper than O12/2 provided that they can do better than P14/2.5 optically (even at expense of size vs P14/2.5).

I too have the 14/2.5 and I find it to be an excellent lense.   The reason that I posed the question is that I want to set up a three (3) lense prime outfit for myself.   I find that I am just not 'seeing' properly with zooms _ and I have many of them !

I currently have the 14/2.5, 17/2.8, 20/1.7 and 45/1.8 primes.   I find 14 not quite wide enough and 45 not quite long enough.   17 (e.35mm) is my favorite length.

So for me, I think that I am going to end up with a 12mm (but I would rather not pay for an f2.0 that I do not need), a 17/1.7 (or stay with the 20/1.7) and the announced Sigma 60/2.8.   I do not agonise over perfect sharpness or small amounts of chromatic aberations etc ... I think that just having the right lense for the 'situation' (and the way you 'see') is more important ... also as a slight  aside to this discussion ... I am normally looking for more depth of field, not less ... especially with wide angles !.

Happy Shooting.    Chas.

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