a99 HOT SHOE does not FIT Radio Trigger and Flashes

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As a regular user of Nikon CLS  ...  there is no question SONY has a way to go.

My gut feeling of it is , Changes  seem to be coming.   Maybe slowly for long time Sony supporters, but changes.

Sony sees the writing on the wall that there  P&S biz is dead.  or slowly bleeding badly.

Last month when shooting in Tokyo  ... I  Played with the RX1 , 20AM and 60M.  And they had to go looking for the Adapter.  Had a feeling no one thought it would be a issue. lol

The Adapter + 20AM seemed solid enough  ...  but my guess is any RX1 buyer that also bought the 20AM  On-Line without trying the set up , would be really surprised that it will not work without an adapter.

In fact if you look at the RX1 catalog you will see the 20AM (old) on it.  There is NO mention that it "needs" the adapter.

The 20M is probably the best flash for the RX1   ... so no surprise someone at SONY had to scramble to make that happen.  Quickly.

imho,  SONY needs to listen to  USER Feedback more.  and set up ways to do it.

Adobe has done it with there Forum ... even a New Features forum for suggestions.  I think it has worked well for them.

Also having someone actually READ these forums.  and feed back to the people that can make a difference.

What I can tell you for sure is ... someone at Nikon is reading "there" forums here.

I'm just saying.

As far as the imaging side of SONY   ...  imho ,  they are really on a ROLL !

They just got to get the little things right ... and Listen More.  to people that actually use it . AND people that are familiar with the systems they compete with  N&C.


Clyde Thomas wrote:

Hawaii-geek wrote:

...a 20m  that fits on the Standard Hot shoe  ...  start shipping that.

The 20M has been announced.  Soon to be released.  It's an F20AM with an iISO/MIS adapter glued on permanently.  It highlights my embarrassment for our brand almost better than anything. Understand the deeper philosophy behind its creation.  Had Sony designed it from new, conformed to perfectly fit a99, then I could give some ground to them for foresight and vision.

But the current design only illustrates their lack of commitment to any serious flash endeavors.  It shows such lacking creativity... here's why... They left the little rubber fob on the front.  The ONLY purpose of that rubber was to protect flash and a900 prism from scarring one another.  Now that same flash sits up higher, does not fit a900, and does not fold flat against a99 SLT Hump.  But they left the rubber fob on anyway.

It's literally as if some shop manager is yelling to the assembly line to glue an adapter onto the old flash and call it a new one.  So insulting to loyalists.

Let them eat cake.

Same problems with the XLR adapter for microphones.  Not only should it have been created to attach directly to the MIS, without required cable and bracket (clumsy), but the controls are on the left side where they cannot be seen or adjusted from shooter position.  Yet the XLR cables shoot downward into the left hand of the videographer... Who's great idea was it to introduces a proclaimed integrated system by adding more cables and brackets that interfere with photographer focus hand?

Sony's design team is expressing all the ingenuity of a High School Freshman Solid Works contest.

Sorry for the rant, but when comparing this to the elegance of Canon's wireless file transfer module, and how it connects seemlessly into the body without killing anyones flash... well, it's just embarrassing for my brand.

Rant over.

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