TG-2 sample shot at ISO 100 and my initial impression

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Re: TG-2 sample shot at ISO 100 and my initial impression

BorisK1 wrote:

With a milky sky like this, the contrast between the sky and the ground is huge.  The metering decided to sacrifice the sky - a good guess.

Did you have the "shadow adjust" enabled?  I can't tell from EXIF.  It can have an effect on the IQ.

Yes "shadow adjust" enabled

HDR takes multiple shots, then processes them.  I found that TG-1 HDR is very susceptible to camera shake.  The only way I could get it to stay sharp is by bracing my hand against a solid object.  (In TG-1, HDR scene mode works in 5MP. Are you sure it's just 3MP in TG-2? That seems like a step backwards)

Yes I am quite sure at least in scene mode because I am quite shock that it is only at 3MP both HDR and handheld starlight.  I am not sure if Auto mode can do HDR or not and if so at what resolution

Also, when the battery is low, the AF starts to faulter.  Focusing takes longer, and the percentage of keepers goes down.

I don't know that.  Thanks for the info. But focus take longer but still can focus? or can't lock focus at all?

I have a similar experience with the TG-1 (and with TS-1). I think that has to do with the size and shape of the camera.  Just because it's so small and light, it's a harder to hold steady - and it also gives your muscles a hint "I'm a small solid thing, no need to pay attention how you hold me".  I found that I have to pay attention to proper handholding in order to avoid smearing.

I found the camera a bit too long for stable holding.  It seems the distance between the left and right side is a bit long so the middle has no support

The 1/shutter speed rule is for SLRs.  Smaller body, different rules.  Try disabling IS and see how much harder it becomes to get sharp shots.

My understand is 1/equivalent focal length should be OK even if no stabilization which mean 1/25 in wide position

Yes, AFAIK it will take a shot even if it couldn't lock focus.

That't the problem. My E-PL1 has as option shutter won't fire if can't lock focus

Did you have the "wind noise reduction" enabled?  Also, did you hear the fast click-click-clicking noise from the camera's AF (one of my main problems with TG-1)?

yes wind noise reduction enabled.  I have put the video on youtube.  Check it out yourself. I can't hear any click-click-click sound only wind noise

o I switched to the TS-1.  It was overcast and fairly dark (we were paddling through a fairly narrow canyon with lots of dark foliage).  The TS-1's shots were horrible.  Blown out sky, lots of motion smearing, digital noise, etc.  My point is - don't compare the best you've gotten from the TS-1 against the first attempts with the TG-2.  The TG-2 is very capable, but it takes time to learn its limitations.

TS1 is a very good ISO 100 camera in my opinion.  May I ask what tips have you learn from using TG-1? TG-2 and TG-1 basically the same

Well - that is the killer feature.  The camera is basically no different from its f:3.9 bretheren, except you can get the same results in a (much) wider variety of light.


F2 is very important. in the best lighting if all camera can use ISO 100 I believe the best waterproof camera is Panasonic TS for its superior lens but we don't always take photo in the best lighting

I will only consider a F2 waterproof camera which at the moment only TG-2 and WG-3  Hopefully more will come

Hope this help

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