a99 HOT SHOE does not FIT Radio Trigger and Flashes

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Re: Clyde, RadioPoppers PX

Hawaii-geek wrote:

Clyde Thomas wrote:

Hawaii-geek wrote:

and for people like me ... having a Radio TTL/Control system that can work with  Nikon/Canon and hopefully SONY Flashes on a menu selection change (same PX gear) ... and trigger AB old strobes in HHS , and mix in Manual trigger flashes, with TTL  is a good thing.

What makes you think TTL and HSS work with CaNikon flashes on Sony?

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What the RadioPoppers PX Radio Triggers do is  you can  Set it for Nikon TTL  and use a Nikon Camera to trigger and control a Nikon Flash.

OR you can go into the menu and Change it to Canon ... and then use your Canon camera to trigger and control a Canon Flash in TTL.

Sorry I was not clear.

The Hope is for RadioPoppers to ADD PX  support for SONY.

Then I could just use my current PX gear with a FW update ... and  use the a99 to trigger and control a 60m flash in TTL.


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You can wait forever to see triggers from radiopoppers or PocketWizard for Sony.

Just when we have support last year from Phottix and Pixel with TTL triggers, Sony goes and drops the much better iISO shoe.

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