Finally...Tamron beats Nikon

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Re: Finally...Tamron beats Nikon

Shotcents wrote:

Uhhh, actually they're not. The optics of a smartphone lack the resolution to come even close. I really can't even imagine what you're talking about. I've got a Galaxy Note 2 sitting here and I know first-hand it's resolution/sharpness limits. It's not even CLOSE to a DSLR.

That was my joke. The truth lies somewhere between, because soft portraits most of the time more pleasured by models. Softness and detalisation are differend kinds.

But there is more in lens than simply sharpness.

That's true, but poor sharpness can ruin an otherwise good photo completely. Poor bokeh is very subjective and I've seen many important photos taken where bokeh was poor.

All I've said was that except focal plane sharpness Tamron have unsuitable features, so can't fit everybody's need. It looks better in tests but have some flaws.

Now our discussion tends to occassional portrait style. As for my taste the photos you show here aren't best you field portraits. Well done, but no more than.

Sharp enough photo. But honestly that 300 mm direct looking face with both ears visible and distorted perspective and no eyes at all looks as dead body. Impressive photo but no life here.

Try not to shoot straight ahead faces or shoot it at 90-135 mm.

Sorry, but I don't agree and neither did the subject or his wife. They loved the pic, especially since he was standing pretty far away (this is a crop) on a boat. This result is very close to what I'd have gotten with my 300mm f4.

I noticed you did not mention these shots!

Sure they don't look as purpose shot photos but snapshots to delete immediately. The person imaged here has expression - it is good. But much better would be if we see or imagine object of his interaction - that would be a story.

Again, they are very happy with the shots and I was glad to leave the heavier glass behind. I typically use these lenses at the long end. While I could do that with the Nikon it took more sharpening and the VR was significantly less effective than the Tamron VC. Perhaps you've seen ThatNikonGuy showing how the Tamron VC works better than even the 70-200 VRII?

People can be happy from simple smile. I never trust what people said about theyr portraits, because they see at photo not a pictorial pleasure, but part of his/her impressions in that time.

(Women can concentrate on defects of cosmetics etc.)

So extra viewer is much objective.

In the end BOTH of these lenses are good. IF the Nikon has some advantage in Bokeh it's not enough to pull me away from the superior resolution afforded by the Tamron. Assuming you do your part BOTH lenses can give very good results.

But I'm glad I parted ways with the Nikon version!

Good luck with your photos, Robert!


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