First Impression on NX300 (unpacked)

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Re: First Impression on NX300 (unpacked)

thanks tjobbe. how is the exposure btw? there was an image comparison between the NX200 and NX300 shooting the same scene where the NX300 exposed brighter than the NX200 at the same aperture, shutter and ISO using the same lens. by my estimation the exposure difference is about half or 2/3 stop.

anyway, I somehow agree with you with regards to the NEX-6 AF where I find the AF focusing speed not impressive at all in comparison with other mirrorless which performed better. I was pretty surprised about dpr's assessment that the AF is good or not bad at all for a mirrorless despite the fact the it doesn't appear to be even at par with the faster ones. in my opinion, the NEX-6 was no better than most mirrorless with CDAF which bring it's PDAF introduction rather empty or didn't deliver despite the promise that it could make things faster.

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