Xe1 with 23 pancake lens or x100(s)?

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XE-1 with 18mm pancake vs X100


simon wrote

Hi Tim,

I made my X-E1 "smaller" the other day by buying a 2nd hand 18mm Fuji lens ( a pancake )

I keep the 18mm on the X-E1 now (instead of the 18-55mm) 

Hi Tim,

Sorry for not answering earlier I didnt see your reply. Nope the 18mm I'm referring to is the Fuji 18mm pancake lens - it's one of the standard set of Fujinon lenses currently available. These do not require adapters and are all standard X-Mount lenses.

I've shown a picture of my X-E1 with an 18mm on (plus a screw on Grip to make body larger for hand holding ease) and my X100. As you can see the X-E1 is larger but not by a hellava lot.

My opinion is that neither of these cameras (with lenses in picture below) are "pocketable" in trousers but definately are pocketable in an overcoat or jacket.

Hope you find the picture useful.

My  X-E1 with 18mm Fujinon lens and HG-XE1 grip and the X100


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- Simon, Sydney

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